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To whom it may concern,

We are from New Zealand which is a non-profit grassroots organisation committed to building sustainable, connected community. Through a range of innovative projects, PL is harnessing the power of community and fostering hope and inspiration to create a collective future.

Currently, we are interested in doing the project of ‘The Library of Things’ in Lyttelton, New Zealand. During the process of doing some research about library of things around the world, we found ‘Leila - Die Bibliothek der Dinge’ really interesting and practical. Therefore, if you do not mind sharing some information with us, it would be useful to get more information about your library of tools in order to apply to our project in the future.

These are the questions we would like to ask about :

1. What size is the library?

2. How do you store things?

3. Where do you get things? From which sources?

4. What should we NOT have?

5. What other support can members ask for or get? Transport?

6. How many staff/volunteers are in the library?

7. In which position do you need them for?

8. People in which range of ages tend to access the library the most?

9. How much for initial start up cost?

10. Average cost per month? How do you spend it?

11. How many workshops/activities do you have?

12. What are those workshops/activities?

13. What are the main purposes of those workshops/activities?

14. Are those people running workshops volunteer or staff?

15. How often do you have workshops/activities?

16. What are the results of the workshops/activities?

17. What mistakes did you make?

18. Anything else you want to tell us?